Now which one of you can admit that you are a diehard fan of Star Trek? If you're not, you are going to miss out this Halloween as it is tipped that Star Trek costumes will be the no one outfit!

In these tough economic times people are looking for affordable trendy outfits to stretch their hard earned dollar further and to wear to not only to Halloween but other dress up occasions throughout the year.

With so many characters to choose from, you are spoilt for choice for the science fiction lovers in your family. By looking at outfitting all the family in the one theme, it is worth considering Star Trek costumes. They're fun, affordable even Grandma could get into the act, how good that would be!

You can't tell me that Star Trek with its original series that was first shown on TV screens in black and white over 40 years ago isn't on to something. There has been a new movie release in May 2009. What is even more amazing are the people who grew up with the series, these are the same people who are now taking their children/grandchildren to the movies. With Star Trek phenomenon I can see that this will go on for perhaps another 40 years!

Star Trek is a show to which the whole family can relate whether it's Voyager, Deep Space Nine or the original series. Fans of Star Trek are eager to become their favorite characters and costumes are a fun and affordable way to entertain those kids. Not just for Halloween anymore, costumes are a great way for kids to act out their favorite movie and television scenes or make up their stories.

Only the other day I went to a friend's place for coffee, and it was just amazing to see the kids engrossed in their play as they were pretending to be a Star Trek characters. With the age of computers, children forget how to use their imaginations and make-belief skills. While I watched they had turned their bedroom into the transporter room, and their teddy bears into crew members, how clever is that?

The working Parents of today work so hard and are always looking for new ideas to spend time and bond with their children. What is a fun thing to do is all the family don their new Star Trek costumes and all make believe you are on the Star Ship Enterprise. You will have a ball, and besides it is giving the kids fantastic memories of a lifetime of shared family activities.

You need to believe me when I say all of you Trekkies will be looking for any old excuse to get out the costumes to wear. I have even known a wedding that carried the whole Star Trek theme out, right through to decoration of the wedding venue and all of the guests were given a name of a character to wear on the wedding day.

It was such fun and a great ice breaker to walk up to any guest and chat as you immediately had something to chat about rather than the normal small talk that happens at weddings.

And this year when Halloween rolls around you'll be prepared! No more planning just the waiting for the night to get here and the kids having the big countdown until Halloween.To help with an authentic look, the place to spend a little extra money is in accessories. For example, you can buy the right communicator, weapons or badges to fit your particular character. Even if your uniform is not exact, the right phase is going to make more than up for that.

You can also add props to fit with your favorite episode or movie as well. If you are a fan of the original series, you could always create your tribbles, for example. It is the little touches that will make the costume stand out.

Star Trek costumes are perfect for all types of science fiction fans. Just take the time to research your outfit and some props. Add on one or two accessories and you will look like the Starfleet material you are.

Every family member will have so much fun as you gather up Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and crew members all decked out (and a few accessories) in their costumes as you walk out the door together; you will all have a ball!