One of the best ideas for the couples is to go together to a Halloween party. It can be quite a hard to come up with an attractive and a unique costume for the couple. One of the greatest costumes for a couple is the popular Disney children cartoon character, beauty, and the beast. If you plan to spend time with the kids during Halloween, then it will be great for you to dress up as beauty and beast while you trick or treat with your young ones. It is good for you and your spouse. It is better for your kids. If you do not like dressing up in Beauty and The Beast costumes, then there are some of the top ideas that you can try out. Follow this content for the better.

Crafting in a single day

It is possible to craft Beauty and The Beast costumes in a single day. In contrast to beast costume, Beauty or Belle costume is very simple to create. Just find a prom dress which is beige or yellow in color, and you will be ready to go. It will be great if you come up with something which resembles the actual cartoon figure. But, it will depend on the preference and prom dress collection which you are going to find in local vintage and re-sale stores. So as to make your hair resembles the long curly locks (Belle’s curly lock). The costume wigs are also available. Other than the costume wigs, you can as well find a costume jewelry which will make you and your spouse look more elegant. Another great addition that you can add is long opera gloves.

How to make Beast costume to entail more effort compared to the beauty

One of the easiest parts for you to create a beast costume is by use of some clothes in your spouse wardrobe. The most difficult part of this is coming up with the beast image. You should purchase fake fur, cloth tape, double sided tape, dog nose, a rubber wolf and a dark cotton work gloves at a local party store. Secondly, you should gather some long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, dark socks, tie or tights plus shoes from your spouse wardrobe.

Wolf’s wood is the first thing that you should make. Just start by cutting fake furs. Ensure you make it fit with a stocking cap. Use a cloth tape so as to fasten hood and fur. Then, just cut a hole in fur piece so as to make it cover the hubby’s head so that it can slip through. Next, you should create the ear by making some small triangular shapes. You should then fasten it with fake fur by using a cloth tape.

Then you should concentrate on the wolf’s feet. Just cut two wolf track shapes with some pointed toes. Ensure the wolfs are similar to each other. You should utilize the shoes of your spouse in cutting the length. You should not forget to add inch margin all the way until you finish cutting. You should then cut an “X” from the fake fur. Make two shoelace holes in front of the X. Have your spouse place foot through the “X” in the shoe. You should then tie up the shoelaces up via the fake fur. With this, you will be done. You will have come up with the best beast for your spouse.

In conclusion, you should come up with a tail. This is very easy to create. You should not worry anything. You need to cut a long piece of the fake fur and ensure you come up with a tail like a form. Finally, you should attach it to you should attach it to the pants of your spouse. Now, have your husband wear the hood on the head. Put the rubber nose of your husband in the correct. So here, Beauty and The Beast costumes are now fully set for the ball.