Among the most eccentric characters of Batman, Harley Quinn easily stands out because of the conspicuous details of her costumes. However, there is an attractive way by which the uniqueness of her costume fits in perfectly with her outlandish demeanor, villainous streak and superhuman abilities. That is why she remains a strong favorite among many cosplay lovers.

Her impassioned presence in places of hot action is made more profound by the things she wear and carry. The Harley Quinn jacket that she adorns in Suicide Squad is both spectacular and memorable. She is also striking in her Daddy's Lil Monster T-Shirt, pyramid-studded belt, Good Night baseball bat and her white heel boots. Her costume is as threatening as it is exceptional.

Daddy's Lil Monster T-Shirt

Perhaps the best thing about this T-Shirt is that it inclines entirely with her great agility and strength. The blue and red shade of the T-Shirt convey a personality that is both bold, vindictive and daring. An avid cosplay lover will find this particular outfit intriguing because of the immense vicious force that is locked up in Margot Robbie's petite frame.

The good news for the cosplay lovers is that they can actually buy Daddy's Lil Monster at a friendly price. Amazon sell this top for $21.99, which is a fitting gift for a fan who wishes to keep a bit of Harley Quinn in their wardrobe. In truth, the effect of color and the power of the logo work together to accentuate the super-villainous appeal of the character.

The Famous Harley Quinn Jacket

It would be grossly improper to imagine Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad without visualizing her famous jacket. Part of the jacket's appeal draws from its combination of blue and red colors, which seem to provide a dichotomy of friend or foe, for whoever crosses her line of vision. This dichotomy confirms that she rarely flinches when an opportunity to exact vengeance is at hand.

The evident sturdiness of this jacket speaks measures up to the owner's robust will, which manifests quite readily in times of grim challenge. The neat dichotomy of read and blue also shows in her partitioned hair and the two sides of her shorts. Both from a distance and at close range, this costume and the colors reveal an uncompromising personality that endears her to many fans.

Harley Quinn Gloves

The authentic Harley Quinn costume is not complete without the genuine leather gloves that come in the highly attractive blue, red and black colors. Their visual attractiveness becomes more accentuated whenever she wields her trademark baseball bat that appears to rev up her potential for terror. These gloves project some unique aspect of vengeance.

Cosplay enthusiasts are sure to get these gloves at at a fair price to indulge their fancy. In terms of quality, these gloves are very appealing because of their cozy texture and profound aesthetics. They are also lightweight and come with an enhanced quality of fit for those who wish to use them for extended duration.

About Harley Quinn's Pyramid Studded Belt

A lot of raw power and secrets appear to be hidden somewhere in the uniqueness of this belt. The design of this belt including its multiple enhancements show a distinct aspect of invincibility on the part of the wearer. In some way, the belt manifests an exceptional fashionable appeal albeit a strange one, which morphs well into her rather outlandish personality.

Overall, the combined effect of Harley Quinn costume blend well with her supernatural abilities and super-villainous nature. The colors and designs of her clothes, ornaments, makeup and all seem to project her character, probably more than what she says and does in the DC comics.