Are you a long DC comic book fan? Or just amazed by the capes and tights? Are you in to cosplays but just can't seem to pull together a good costume to impress. Well to help you out here is our DC comics costume theme ideas. In this list we help you what's best for you to wear at comic con, Halloween maybe, or just to have plain old fun. I'm just here guide you into not having the same old boring costume but to bring that creativity in you.

With the DC movies trying to compete with Marvel, in the Comic book movie genre we DC fans have now been given a new look at what's ahead for the future of DC movies. The newest addition to rank is the movie "Suicide Squad", you may love it, or hate it but Harley Quinn was in the movie was in fact AWESOME. We all love her due to her mad love with the Joker.

So first on our list, Harley Quinn, she is most known for wearing a black and red jester outfit in the comics and animated T.V. where she was first introduced. The jester costume was seen in the movie in a quick flash back, but we also love seeing Harley in her daring costumes. Sporting a cheerleader shirt printed on it "Daddy's lil' monster" wide net stocking, fancy boots, crazy make-up, then your good to go. In comparison to other female comic book characters to copy Harley Quinn's is both iconic and easy to pull off.

If your boyfriend is as crazy with comic books as you are then you might able to pull off a good Harley and Joker cosplay. But only if you can convince him to dye his hair green and maybe a tattoo on the forehead that say's "Damage" and a white make up. After that you can then indeed proclaim your mad love.

Maybe you're not the villain type, so here is a hero, Aquaman. This hero is not that loved in the comics, not given much respect in t.v. but with the upcoming Jason Mamoa's performance as the strong leader of Atlantis the hype is rising with intense. His look in the trailers are amazing, he the right man for the job. Rarely does anyone been seen in an Aquaman costume, if you were to wear one that would be amazing. The character is mostly overlooked but is powerful, and a king for crying out loud.

The Reverse flash, became more popular because of the hit CW show the flash. The reverse flash is one of the most interesting villain of the flash comics, due to the fact that Reverse flash is only a villain to make Barry more of a Hero. A good original concept and a great costume as it is the complete reversal of the Flash's.

Another completely interesting character to wear a costume of is The Question. Known for wearing a long trench coat and a hat. The Question is iconic for his deduction skills as a detective and also for the lack of face.

Next up, Vibe. Vibe is such a cool character but is not much explored. The glasses or goggles are iconic. The sonic blast, and power to vibe into the multiverse is very cool indeed. His get up is not that hard to follow and copy.

There are a lot of villains in this list mainly because, superhero costumes are very common. Next to the list is the Rogues. Yes, a group of villains, seeing the suicide squad I'm hyped for another team of villains. Have friends that has the same interest as you do and pull the best of The Flash's Rouges gallery such as, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Golden Glider, Heatwave and many more. Many characters to choose from so why not have them all you and your friends will surely have a blast.

Lastly nothing beats the classic team of Super heroes the Justice league. The upcoming Justice League movie, is probably the game changer for the DC movies. As fans we can't help but admire the new costumes they are now showing us. The Flash, with the injustice type of suite is awesome, sure this might be a little hard to recreate as a fan but if done right it would be as I said, AWESOME. Cyborg is a hard deal too, but if you and your friends can pull off a good Justice League cosplay, then I salute you all.