Star Wars costumes dates back to small budget film 4 decades ago (1977). The Sci-fi fans became fully enhanced by how it was out of the globe. This led to the success from set to characters to the incredible costumes. For over 3 decades now, Star Wars costumes have enthralled the universe with no sign of stopping as it expands to everything from books, toys, TV series to video games.

Whether you are a fun of the modern day clone war film (The Prequel) or the famous trilogy days, you can access the Star Wars costumes you require for any of your fancy dress events, Halloween party, convention or the sci-fi theme night. All of them are sure to make you a hit. Almost all costume stores are offering every Star Wars costume that you can think of. In fact, the sci movies and their characters have their inimitable aspects that make wonderful for children and adults alike.

Types of Star Wars Costumes

Some of the most popular costumes include the following:

Darth Vader Costumes

It is only some few things which can define these costumes. It is the most popular costume and the easiest to get hold of the costume. This makes it easy for an individual to imitate the evil dark lord of sith. You can buy Darth Vader face masks, jumpsuits, black fabric capes, Darth Vader Belts and boot tops. You can as well include gloves, Darth Vader Light saber and even a breathing device which is going to assist you to perfect your imitation.

Jedi Costumes

Luke Skywalker is an ultimate hero. Dressing up like him is one of the ways of being popular among many other Jedi. Tunics are available with boots, belts, and capes. When you become Jedi, you have a powerful excuse for getting a light saber and as well re-enact scenes from a variety of films.

Princess Leia Costumes

This is for the ladies. It is one of the most popular Star Wars costumes. It is elegant and original in making. You can get hold of your long white dress plus your belt. In case you are not in a position of getting infamous hairstyle then you can get a wig for the same purpose

Yoda Costumes

Yoda-wise, as well as the powerful master in the world of star wars, makes a great Star Wars costume for you. However, it is a little more difficult to pull it off. It is a little minimal as you require long beige robe plus a mask as so as to work successfully with it.

Stormtrooper Costumes

The costume is one of the most powerful. The most striking part of this is its white battle Armour which is along the helmet. You can easily get a jumpsuit with the body armor which is attached along with the matching mask. You can as well consider buying some extra accessories such as the gun for the Star Wars costume

The above are the most popular among the Star Wars costumes. There are numerous other available in the market stores for you. To enjoy the cosplay, you need to choose a variety. You can as well choose to purchaseChewbacca costume which has realistic faux fur features right from its head to its toe. Also in the series is the Emperor Palpatine costume which has the full length of red robes, latex hands as well as masks. You can obtain any Star Wars costume that your heart is yearning for. Be sure to imitate your favorite character in a perfect way. Remain standby so as to turn up your fancy dress one of the Star Wars costumes. With this, you are going to look out of this world.

You will be in a position of finding a popular star wars costume in the months of September and October for sales. Just for the time of fun dress up holiday, Halloween season and for the cosplay.


Playing dress is something that most kids do enjoy; this has been the case for many years. Whether it is with an outfit that you just bought them or with old clothing which is in the closet, there are some things which kids are going to pretend to be. Remember, Star Wars costumes have something which has been popular when it comes to stores of costumes purchased.