Looking for an Adventure Time Costume? Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward is more than a few seasons in and counting. As delightful and wacky as ever, this popular television series puts the spotlight on Jake the Dog and Finn the Human as they go running around punching evil in the face in the Land of Oooo and making attempts to woo every lady. Each character in the series has memorable personalities and designs that go with them. This is why cosplay using Jake and Finn costumes are more popular than ever, not to mention easy to re-create!

It is easy to find the backpack and hat of Finn and more and more teens are dressing like Finn, from both genders! The Fiona character from the series is also gender swapped sometimes. Are you seriously considering doing cosplay with Adventure Time characters? You may find it hard to decide which character to reproduce, as they are also so fascinating and doable! Here are a few ideas for your Adventure Time Costume.

Animation and Antics

Adventure Time on Cartoon Network definitely has us addicted to the animated character's adorable personalities and ridiculous antics. Are you joining a cosplay convention in a group? There is a character for every one starting from Jake the dog, Fiona the human being and even the all purple Lumpy Space Princess. For animals, gentlemen and ladies, there is someone in the Land of Ooo you can emulate with ease.

Cosplay as Finn

For those who want to cosplay as Finn, you will need an awesome hat. It has to be the same one he wears on the series. You can purchase one or if you have sewing skills, go ahead and create one yourself. You will then need to find a t-shirt that is plain blue. This should be a blue shirt with no writing on it. In the Ice Kingdom on the series, Finn wears a yellow sweater over his blue t-shirt. If you live in a cold climate, you can do the same thing. Now that you have the top part of the cosplay costume done, you will need to do the bottom part. Depending on the season or where you live, get a pair of jeans, capris or shorts. Make sure the shorts are not too short. If you are wearing pants, try and find ones that are darker than the t-shirt as this looks more authentic. Remember, when it comes to cosplay, accurately reproducing the costumes of the characters you are cosplaying is the primary goal. Now that you have the hat, shorts and shirt on, put on some white socks and black shoes. Preferably, the shoes should be sneakers. This is what Finn wears no matter how dorky it may seem!


To accurately reproduce the outfit of Finn in Adventure Time, don't forget to wear a green backpack! You can sew a replica of Finn's backpack, which is two-toned or you can buy a plain green one. Remember, this is one accessory that Finn never goes anywhere without!

Aside from the green backpack of Finn, don't forget he also carries a sword around with him. Put the sword in your backpack or carry it around. If you don't have a gold sword then use a wooden sword and paint this gold. There are also foam swords you can paint gold.

Remember Jake the Dog

Now that you have the entire Finn costume ready for your cosplay convention, don't forget that he brings Jake the Dog with him everywhere as well. If you have a real pet that looks somewhat like Jake the Dog, you can go ahead and use your real dog. On the other hand, the more convenient route is also to purchase or create a plush toy of Jake the Dog and carry this around. This completes your Adventure Time costume!