Does your little princess love Disney animated films? How about Sleeping Beauty and her castle? Young girls love Aurora's gorgeous pink dress and handsome prince charming, so Sleeping Beauty costumes are a popular choice this year.

There are numerous Sleeping Beauty dresses out there to browse, so how would you pick the right one? From the Disney Store to your neighborhood stores to online retailers, where is the best place to purchase the ideal princess Sleeping Beauty costume?

The Disney Store is so much fun. It is an extraordinary spot to glance around and get thoughts for what you are searching for regarding the ideal princess present or dress for another exceptional event like a Disneyland outing or princess birthday party. Disney dresses are so costly, however they are wonderful and normally produced using superb materials that will last. Notwithstanding, they have a tendency to be bothersome and not extremely agreeable for young ladies to wear for an expanded timeframe like a Disneyland trip or a princess birthday party where she will wear it for a considerable length of time.

Your nearby rebate store like Walmart or Target may have some shoddy quality spruce up garments for young ladies. They are for the most part little and short to save money on expense and produced using slender fabric that tears effortlessly. They are adorable and sparkly for some time until all the sparkle falls of onto the floor or onto your daughters hair. These costumes are economically made and don't keep going long and at the cost scope of $20-$35 they aren't generally a decent decision of spruce up garments that will keep going for quite a while.

Sleeping Beauty originally came out in 1959, and although it wasn't instantly at a hit at the box offices, it is now considered one of Disney's greatest classics. It is the tale of a princess who gets tricked by the evil villain, Maleficent, into touching a sewing spindle and pricking her finger. When she touches it, she falls into a deep sleep and can only be wakened by a kiss from her prince charming. Luckily, her prince in shining armor does show up, and they live happily ever after.

Your child is sure to enjoy a Sleeping Beauty costume even if she has to wait a few years to find her prince charming. She can prance around in a gorgeous pink dress with her very own tiara. If you want, you can even join the fun as Aurora or Maleficent. Aurora costumes come in sizes for infants through adults. Most are pink, with the exception of one blue dress for children. There are several different children's options available. They mostly vary in length and what shade of pink is used. The Maleficent costume comes in two different styles for adults. Both are one size fits all and go with the signature black headdress.

Complete your child's Sleeping Beauty costume with the Aurora Child Wig. With the hairpiece, even the darkest brunette can go blond for the night without the cost and permanency of bleaching. Using the wig saves time, and most little girls love the excitement of having "new hair" for the night. Top it off with the Aurora Tiara and your little one will be delighted. The tiara is beaded and has a picture of Sleeping Beauty on the front. No one is going to mistake her for just another pink princess now!

Maleficent costumes can be completed with one additional accessory as well. Do you want to look as put together as your daughter, don't you? The Maleficent Staff features a black crow sitting on top of a yellow orb. At four feet tall, the staff is designed for adults too. Have fun and try not to scare your princess too much this Halloween! She'd rather get candy tonight and worry about prince charming in few years!