In recent years onesies have become increasingly popular and Unicorn Onesie is leading the way. Originally seen simply as pajamas for children to wear around the house, onesies have now found a new and growing fan base in adults. Whether it is the result of nostalgia for a simpler time when imagination still ran wild and the troubles of adulthood were nonexistent or simply a more comfortable and creative way to relax, more and more adults are finding themselves suiting up in onesies. Of course, these clothing items would not be so popular if they were only worn to bed. Onesies can be worn when laying around the house, cozying up by the fireplace on a cold night, spending a lazy day slowly eating breakfast, or comfortably gathering together for family game night. Kids love being able to wear their favorite onesies to school on Pajama Day, and adults who are lucky enough to work for a company that has Pajama Day will be just as thrilled. Additionally, one of the most popular reasons for purchasing and wearing a onesie is for cosplay.


Onesies for Cosplay

Cosplay is a combination of the words costume and play and refers to a form of performance art in which the cosplayers dress like a famous character, mythical creature, or animal and role-play. The hobby first came to public attention in the Nineties and has become increasingly popular in Asia and the West every year since. An easy way to get started with cosplay is by purchasing a onesie and heading out to a convention to see what the fun is all about. Onesies from Unicorn Onesie can be worn to play at home as well as at conventions and other get-togethers with like minded cosplayers. Unicorn Onesies offers a wide variety of onesies for cosplayers. Of course there are several options for unicorn onesies which are perfect for fantasy cosplay or for Brony conventions, but there are also Adventure Time onesies, Cheshire Cat onesies, Care Bear onesies, Winnie the Pooh onesies, Totoro onesies, Pikachu onesies, and many more. For those not looking to cosplay as a famous character Unicorn Onesie also offers onesies that transform the wearer into sharks, goats, lemurs, giraffes, bears, lions, pigs, owls, foxes, and much more. The only limit to what sort of cosplaying you can do with a Unicorn Onesie is your imagination.


Onesies at Home

Nothing beats the comfort of wearing a onesie around the house, especially during cold autumn and winter months. Wearing a onesie feels like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket all the time and is simply one of the most comfortable clothing options for a lazy day or comfortable night in the house. Once you put on a onesie, whether you are an adult or a child, it is almost impossible to take anything too seriously, and all of your troubles seem to disappear. Even if you are not seriously cosplaying it is hard to forget that you are dressed up as one of your favorite animals or creatures. Getting the family or a group of good friends together, all dressed in their favorite onesies, is the first step to having an incredibly fun and care-free evening. Additionally, there is no better way to stretch out a lazy morning than by wearing a onesie. You will find yourself so comfortable as you sip on your morning coffee or savor your breakfast that you will put off changing out of the onesie and facing the real world as long as possible.


Buying a Onesie

Onesies at Unicorn Onesie range in price from around 45 dollars to 55 dollars depending on the creature you choose. The items can be ordered online from the Unicorn Onesie web page or over the phone using a toll free 1-800 number. The next important step is deciding which onesie to choose. Do you want to dress up as a zoo animal, a mythical creature like a dragon or a unicorn, or a favorite cartoon character like Pikachu or the Cheshire Cat? Of course, if it is too hard to choose just one nobody is stopping you from buying more and filling your closets with onesies so you always have the perfect one for any occasion.