Sherlock Holmes costumes need to be chosen with great care for you to get the same grace and amazing look. The elegance with which Sherlock dress up is something that is envied by men all the time and of course get admiration from women. Here are the few things that you need to take care so that you can get the awesome Sherlock look.



The double breasted Milford coat from Belstaff in dark grey color is the costume that make Sherlock look unique. Many of the fans are so much into this costume but the mishap is that Belstaff is no more making that style. It is due to thus fact that you may need to really do a very intensive search in the market for getting a proper alternative for this. John Lewis & Co has made something that is so similar to this. It is also possible to get an alternative with Reiss dark – double breasted coat. For this coat, you should keep the collar up as well as it should not be buttoned.


The scarf is another very much noteworthy part of dressing style of Sherlock. It is really hard to find him without the scarf. The blue scarf really has a special look on it's own that makes it much appealing to be considered. A woolen scarf can also act as alternative which should be doubled up and then loop it around the neck. A good search can help you in easily nailing the kind of scarf you want.


The suits that the Sherlock homes as using was three piece traditional tweed suit but Sarah Arthur chose something modern with two button, light grey and slim cut suits. It is really a great design to see. You can pick the one that suits you best from the finest apparel designers.


The shirts in which you can find him is also really incredible. It is possible for getting the finest and dark colored shirts as that is the one usually chosen by Sherlock. It is good to get that purple shirt that has really made everybody to raise the eyebrows. The top button should be left undone and there is no need for a tie as that is the style you want.


Sherlock has chosen Saint Laurent Oxford shoe which has rounded toe and long line. Arthur is something that can pick the fewer pairs with Poste with kept original pair with original pair with filming.

Dressing Gown

This is one among the ones best for Sherlock fans and is the perfect to use even on rainy Sunday afternoons. You can get the silk robe of Sherlock from the Derek Rose. This robe was features in the episode showing a flash back. It is really awesome one. It should be there in your closet to complete the Sherlock home style that you are longing for. Trying all the best possible brands and coming up with the finest ones can be always incredible. Most of the attires of Sherlock are available easily if you are ready to spare sometime and search well.