If you are a superhero fan, then getting dressed up as a Marvel character for this Halloween season is something that you may be considering. Which is a good idea? There are many characters to choose from, recent movies such as Iron Man and The Hulk have done very well at the box office, and their popularity is driving an increase in people wanting to get dressed up as their favorite superhero.

However, trying to decide which one to go as for Halloween can seem quite daunting. How about some ideas? One thing to consider is that the movie The avengers costumes is due for release soon, and there will be a lot of Marvel characters that we have already seen in movies coming together to fight against the force of evil.

The Avengers began as a way to join all the most popular superheroes. One of the first we saw on the big screen, and who was also one of the founding members of The Avengers is Iron Man. Tony Stark is a cool, suave billionaire that gets to make himself a very cool armor suit that he uses to rid the world of bad people. The costume in the movie looks cool, and there are a lot of costumes that you can choose from the look just like the one in the movie. Available for adults, kids, and even women, there is an Iron Man suit available for all ages. The bad guy Whiplash is also available as a costume, complete with fake tattoos. So you and a few friends can get together and form a team of good and bad guys for a special theme party.

How about Captain America? As a superhero, he hasn't been heard much of in the last few decades until the recent movie which is aptly titled "The First Avenger." Originally he was created as a way to motivate during the World War, and one that was over he was retired. However, he has been resurrected recently in the latest movie as well as in The Avengers, as his function is pivotal in forming the band of superheroes together. Unlike many superheroes that have abilities that they inherited with their new alter-ego, Captain America does not. He is merely a mortal fighting for the little guy. Which makes this costume a great choice for Halloween. The all-in-one jumpsuit looks great.

The avengers costumes is a collective name for a group of Superheroes that have banded together to fight evil since 1963. There is a new movie in production about The Avengers that is due for release in 2012, written and directed by Joss Whedon of Buffy and Firefly fame. The main characters of the film are Thor, Captain America, The Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Incredible Hulk.

Most of the Superheroes in the film already have Halloween costumes in the stores based on their characters from previous stand-alone productions and the comic book series that have run for many years. Hawkeye may be the exception and a costume based on his character is hard to find just now. But the costumes for the other members of the merry band are wonderful. Thor and Captain America have had new costumes released based on their respective movies. Iron Man and The Black Widow costume ideas had a revamp last year. Hulk costumes haven't changed very much over the last few years which may be due to the introduction of CGI into films in a massive way and with the Hulk being such a big guy!

So if you are looking for a group of Halloween costumes for your family or your friends, The Avengers may just be a great idea for you. Granted there is only one ladies outfit but what an outfit!

In the UK during the 60's and the 70's, there was a long-running TV series called The Avengers but this should not be confused with Marvels Avengers unless you want your costume to be a business suit topped off with a bowler hat! But to be fair, the UK show was still about crime fighters fighting evil but without any super powers, only a bit of martial arts, and plenty of styles.

While staying on the subject there was once upon a time Captain Britain who joined Marvels Avengers for a short while around 1976.

More famous Avengers who I don't think appear in next year's film are Spider-Man and Wolverine of X-Men fame. So plenty of scope for a big group of Halloween party animals to choose from if they want to go beyond the boundaries of the movie.

There have been a few Halloween costumes for couples and groups over the years, Batman and Robin were a very famous duo, popular for dressing up as. Pirates make an easy group to reproduce but children and teenagers today demand costumes that will make their friends declare "that's awesome" when suggested as an idea for Halloween.

Superheroes fit the bill brilliantly when it comes to disguising yourself and with the crime fighting, never say die the avengers costumes out there, then there's something for everyone.