Do you love cosplays? Do you love Frozen? Are you thinking what your next cosplay character should be? There is no doubt that after Frozen's undisputed success all over the world, people have started to dress up like Anna and Elsa just for the fun of it! No matter what your style is, you can easily find a character from Frozen to suite your look. Here is a list of all the major characters and how it would feel like to be in their shoes - literally!


It does not matter what your tastes are, it is just impossible to not like Oaken. Though he does not have much of a role to play and did not hang around for long, his appearance in the movie was truly special. If you are going to get an Oaken' Frozen costume, make sure you come up with a "yoohoo!" every other minute.

Unless you have a thing for pure evil, you would not want to be Hans. The fact remains that his style is unparalleled though! You will be the most stylish character of on stage for sure! The white blazer and pair of pure white gloves along with the bright colored scarf is going give your Frozen costume a lot of attention. Just make sure that you do not get carried away so much by the act such that you end up breaking someone's heart while trying to murder her sister at the same time!

Probably the cutest character on stage. If you are short and cute, Olaf is undoubtedly the best character for you. Olaf would perfectly fit kids. Be prepared to give loads of warm hugs to passers-by because he is the ultimate snowman which everyone just can't stop loving. This would be the simplest Frozen costume and oh yeah, beware of the sun!

If you have got amazing brown hair, Anna is the character for you! And if you do not have brown hair, just get a wig because Anna is the most lovable character in Frozen and that too for a good reason. If you look good in warm fuzzy clothes then search no further because you were born to play this princess!

Kristoff is like the male version of Anna. If you can look good in warm fuzzy clothes, the ones which you are likely to wear when trekking a snowy mountain, you can rock Kristoff! Remember, you are going to help a nice girl find her sister against all the odds, so make sure you wear a warm smile along with this Frozen costume. Make sure you don't go and burst some snowmen's bubbles on hearing their plans for summer!

Frozen would not be worth watching if it were not for the beautiful and irresistible Elsa. It is obviously impractical to try to stitch a very long gown with a big sparkly train; but a nice maxi dress, a lacy cardigan and a glittering scarf should do the trick for this Frozen costume. Of course, if you are not blond you will either have to dye your hair or get a wig. You would not need a coat because the cold would not bother you anyway!