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Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek costumes are appealing for fans of every age. There is such a variety of shows and movies now; you have lots of options to choose from. No matter if you are a serious Trekkie getting ready for a convention or a more casual fan planning a party, there are possibilities for everyone.
The first thing to do is decide which Star Trek era you are going for. Is it the original series that you love the best? Or maybe you prefer Deep Space 9, The Next Generation, Enterprise or Voyager? Or maybe it is one of the movies that sparks your creativity?
Regarding makeup, if you prefer not to be a human, you can go for the Vulcan look and make or buy prosthetic ears. A Bajoran is also relatively easy to do with just a bit of make-up. Keep in mind that more make-up is also going to mean more expense and the more elaborate it is, the more difficult it is going to be to make it look right.
If you have a favorite episode or scene in a movie, you might be able to find a prop that will fit as well. Fans of the first series could make their tribbles, for example. Little touches like this will make your costume unique.
If you are a science fiction fan, Star Trek costumes are a great choice the next time you are looking for an idea. Give yourself some time to come up with some good prop ideas and to find or make the right outfit. Add an accessory or two and you can be Starfleet material before you know it.