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Sherlock Costumes

Cosplay expands to 'costume play', the exciting role-play practice of donning the costume of your favorite character out of a movies, video-games or books. Cosplay is a kind of make-believe world that transports you to a fantasy land with adventure as your constant companion. Finding its origin in Japan, cosplay is a type of 'subculture' that can be equated to a unique kind of performing art often drawing inspiration from the famous characters of the Japanese media, comics, animation and the like.

Costumes and elaborate accessories are an integral part of cosplay and cosplayers strive to bring out the 'real character' as closely as possible. The character of Sherlock homes, the ruggged yet imperious fictional detective is an inspiration to many cosplayers.The costumes include cape coats, army long coats, collared shirts, pants, trench coats and two-piece suits. Crafted out of wool, polyester or other everday fabrics, the garments themselves have a story to tell. costume also includes leather shoes with laces. Accessories include wigs and scarves. The complete Sherlock look puts the cosplayers in his shoes and act out the part with attitude and confidence.The cosplayers can choose to depict the character in his or her classic way or add a twist of modern imagination to the entie play. So, all you cosplayers out there, play hard!