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Fallout Costumes

Fallout is really a thrilling game. You can create the costume for any costume parties. It is very easy for you to be Nate or Nora with their costumes. Here are the tips that can help you in forming the costume of fallout. 

If you have a blue color work coveralls then that really forms the perfect base for making the fallout costume. There are so many jumpsuits and coveralls which are meant for both men and women. There are cut versions of women but they are bit harder for finding. You may need to make some adjustments if you want to make a jumpsuit costume for women as like that is there in fallout. You can make use of yellow colored tape for creating the yellow trim that you can find on the jumpsuit. Few strips of the same tape can be used on front zipper, belt and also collar. It is good for you to make use of the images that you can find online to ensure that you are doing it right. This yellow tape can also be used for putting the vault number on back of the costume. 

Belts, Pouches, Straps and Boots:
It is possible for you to find some brown colored costume boots. You can go to get them from thrift store and can scuff them using sandpaper for making them have a distressed and old look. Leather belts can also be bought as well as made old in similar way. Leg holsters can be made by measuring the belt and cutting them with the length you want. Ammo pouches can be replaced with electronic or old camera cases. The straps and holsters can be used for attaching the pouches.